Nutritional Epidemiology

Accumulating evidence of a link between diet and prevalent chronic disease has led to new investigations in nutritional epidemiology. EpiCH research supports a panoply of approaches, from detailed dietary analysis to prevention of disordered eating to investigation of obesity, physical activity and cancer etiology.

What is Nutritional Epidemiology?
Nutritional epidemiology is an area of epidemiology that involves research to:

  • Examine the role of nutrition in the etiology of disease
  • Monitor the nutritional status of populations.
  • Develop and evaluate interventions to achieve and maintain healthful eating patterns among populations.

Related Courses

Wondering what classes you should take if you’re interested in nutrition-related research?

Course Name Description
PubH 5389
Nutritional Epidemiology
Nutrition/disease relationships through application of epidemiologic methods. Characterization of various exposures to food/nutrient intakes, biological basis for nutrition/disease relationships. Studies of specific chronic diseases and nutritional intake. Design/interpretation of studies using nutritional measures.
PubH 5806
Principles of Public Health Research
Evaluation of public health research literature and planning for independent research projects. Formulation of research question, research design, sampling techniques, use of research concepts, and data analysis. Data collection techniques, including questionnaires, interviews, and data analysis.
PubH 5900
Public Health Nutrition: Program/Principles
Principles of public health nutrition, roles and functions of public health nutritionists, programs and delivery mechanisms for promoting nutritional status of populations. Students explore their beliefs and competencies in relation to principles and philosophy of public health nutrition.
PubH 5902
Maternal and Infant Nutrition
Nutritional needs of childbearing women and of infants. How to meet these needs through programs/services.
PubH 5905
Human Nutrition and Health
Broad range of nutrition topics of contemporary interest. Concepts and facts about science of human nutrition in relation to personal and community nutrition problems and concerns. Applied, introductory graduate-level course with labs.
PubH 5909
Nutrition Assessment
Methods for assessing nutritional status of populations and individuals.
PubH 5910
Critical Review of Research/PubH Nutrition
Applying principles of nutrition, epidemiology, and biostatistics to evaluate scientific research on topics of significance in public health nutrition. Interactive seminar format with lecture, discussion, and student presentations.
PubH 5914
Community Nutrition Intervention
Nutrition intervention strategies used in health programs. Selecting appropriate strategies, applying them to specific target audiences, and evaluating their usefulness in relation to program objectives.
PubH 5932
Nutrition: Adults and the Elderly
Current literature and research on nutrition needs and factors affecting nutritional status of adults and the elderly.
PubH 5933
Nutrition: Health/Disease Relationships
Issues in nutrition and public health; biological and epidemiologic bases for public health dietary recommendations. Relation of nutrition to heart disease, cancer, hypertension, obesity, and other conditions.
PubH 5935
Child and Adolescent Nutrition
Current issues and literature. Major nutrition issues of youth; biological, cultural, and psychosocial factors influencing food behaviors; and strategies of improving nutritional health.