Spring Student Presentation day

Friday, April 1, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, WBOB

This presentation is for students planning to complete the CPH exam and field experience presentation option for the
Culminating Experience (CHP, MCH and PubH Nutrition majors).

If you plan to present this spring, the first step is discussing your plans with your academic advisor.
If your advisor approves your plan, you will need to send Kathryn Schwartz-Eckhardt the
following information via email by Friday, February 12:

Academic Advisor:
Title of presentation:
Have you registered for the Culmianting Experience:
Have you passed the CPH exam?
Are you presenting via Skype?

After registering, you will need to work with your academic advisor to prepare the executive
summary and presentation slides. You will be assigned two additional faculty reviewers by the
Program Coordinators, but are not expected to solicit feedback about your summary or
presentation from these additional reviewers.

The executive summary and presentation slides are due to Kathryn via email by March 18.
You must cc your academic advisor on this email. The executive summary will be sent to the
committee assigned to you (which includes your academic advisor) at least one week before the
presentation day. It is possible a faculty reviewer will contact you with questions about
the materials prior to the presentation day.

If you are planning to complete this CE option but are unable to present this April, the tentative
date for the Fall 2016 presentation day is October 21st.

Shelley and Kathryn