Data Sets & Sources

Suggested websites

(Contact: Timothy Zuel)

Alcohol Epidemiology Program
(Contact: Dr. Toben Nelson)

Health Disparities Work Group
(Contact: Dr. Rhonda Jones-Webb)

Center for Health Statistics at the Minnesota Department of Health: Minnesota Student Survey, Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey, and Minnesota Adult Tobacco Survey

See reports drawn from these sources at and Peter Rode is happy to discuss these data sources, including access to datasets, and can be reached at 651-201-5942 or

Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCCR)

We are particularly interested in Corrections Evidence Based Principles and Practices and recidivism, and we have the ability to pull data related to both for our populations. Student/faculty researchers who have shared interests are welcome to contact us for proposed studies. Email and

MN Census Research Data Center (RDC)

RDC provides access to Census micro data for approved research projects. See website for details:

MN Population Center

Access the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) and data from other MPC projects. See websites for details: and

MN Department of Education: – Contact Allison Anfinson: